The One tool 🛠️ to rule them all. Create products, add specialists and update online presence. Enterprise Resource Planning application.

Time to pull our sleeves and dive in 🏊‍♂️

The Problem in a nutshell

From day one it was clear that a redesign was needed. The lack of a design system made things worst as there was no reference point or rules to follow when it came down to making a complex design decision so we started building one. As the calendar was our first priority it made sense to start there, we looked at Google, Microsoft, AirB&B and others for the best calendar implementation on the market and they all had their downsides and benefits so in the end we mashed all our ideas together and conceptualised.


  • Calendar Feature
  • Products & Specialists
  • Create Appointments & Products
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Online Presence
  • Design System 4.0

Project Duration

  • 4 Months Conceptualisation
  • 2 Months Implementation
  • 2 Months of Testing & Analysis
Phase One ( 4 weeks )

Our new calendar was coming along nicely!

The calendar creation proved more challenging than expected. The first issue I encountered is making sure that appointment blocks are equally accessible on mobile as we have on table and desktop. Due to the requirements set by Muume’s customers we had to make sure they can see at least 4 appointments per day and distinguish who is doing the appointment at what time and how much time that specialist has available of their work day.

 🐣 Taking our first steps

Sprint (1)

🤖 We also created some additional features for our calendar.

😏 What did our customer ask for?..

We really need to be able to create appointments fast and with ease!

Test Merchant (1) 👩‍🦰Neto HairDressers (Switzerland, Zurich)

How can I check who’s on a break and who is available to assist with a new client?

Test Merchant (2) 👱‍♀️Caroline Rohwer Hairdressing

🥰 Success was near, our first implementation of the calendar

🧗‍♂️ We push further..

Sprint (2)

PHASE TWO ( 6 Weeks )

📦 Now it's time to add products & services. Let's get cracking!

Now that Calendar was ready, we need something to add to it. Having the ability to create products and specialist will take that step closer to our final goal. Let me show you…

Here’s what product creation looks like..

Can we have the ability to restrict specialist from specific services? A single person can’t be great at everything.

Test Merchant (3) 👨‍🦰Coiffeur - Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur

Sprint (3)

🥝 Things are coming together. Few more weeks from launch!

Most core section of the product were in development and now we can focus on the finer details

Phase Three ( 3 Weeks )

It's now time to wrap all this functionality and make sure our users can tweak the settings with ease!

At this stage we were ready to start focusing on the smaller things we left behind. We had to make the connection between our application and Muume’s physical POS devices which is installed at each merchants saloon.

⚙️ Settings and communication preferences

🎨 Time to show you our design system!

Our final weeks we focused purely on making sure was tidy and organised. Our design system was coming together really well, and we had synced all components across our libraries.

Time for our Design System to do the talking! 💪

Our design system ended up coming over 200 responsive components that we maintained through the 8 months we spent on this project. All components were made to scale and flex according to any screen we worked on, our modals and interactive components like our customer data uploader and importer can scale to adapt to any layout we decided to implement. From our smaller iPhone to the biggest gaming monitor on the market, we were covered!

Our typography kicks 🍑 and we love it.

Every design project needs to have a solid typography kit, we worked a lot with text on this assignment. From adding item descriptions to specifying inventory, logistics a more we had to have enough typographical styles to make each view enjoyable and unique.

This is the end unfortunately 😉

Thank you!

I appreciate the time you spent looking through my work!