Digital Wallet

Complete redesign of payment portal

User Interface Designer | 14 Months |
Sketch, Axure,
Testing, Interaction Design, Visual Design

digital wallet lilyan petrov

I worked as a product designer for this project. I collaborated closely with a team of user interfaces designers as well as business analysts to create a brand new payment portal that would be deployed to over 40 brands across Europe and the US.



How to improve the digital wallet across multiple labels, whilst increasing the deposit rate?

The current issue the existing product isn't meeting the level of banking potential compared to the competition, which in turn is are causing slower deposits and mistrust on the website. So the challenge here is to create a more welcoming enviroment to help customers deposit with confidence and with higher frequency as well as meeting the business KPI projections and reduced calls to Customer Services.



Allocation of resources 🪜 timelines and roadmap predictions. 

* We started with examination of current digital wallet and establishing key areas of focus for the complete redesign. All whilst making quick wins that we can implement as we work our way through the entire system redesign.

What do we do first? 1️⃣ second? 2️⃣ or last 🚧 

When starting a project of this scale, we broke everything down, splint everything into groups and categories to easier analyse every area of the product.



Production 🪜 steps.


Adding & Withdrawing funds 💶

Adding funds was our one main focus. We looked at how each use used, understood and felt about the old deposit and withdraw experience and refined each of those journeys, removed any excess data and assets that added confusion and nunnesesary complexity.

Whilst the user is doing their usual daily deposits, we incorporated a bonus section to give the user even more of reason to continue playing.

Withdrawing & Pending withdrawals 

The withdrawal area of our product had a very specific issue, we had to show the user that we want them to be able to access their winnings easily and invest those earning and fight for the big win, rather than just cash it all in.

We looked info desktop as well. Have a look!

We covered all platforms of the payment portal, web, native, mobile/ tablet views to desktop. The experience felt smooth and the user was able to transition from mobile to desktop without feeling lost.

Responsive Views

We explored various options for our desktop solution, and decided to go ahead with a 2 column approach which would provide enough flexibility to our development team to split the data evenly and at the same time make the UI easier tor read and navigate.

The current issue the existing product isn’t meeting the level of banking potential compared to the competition, which in turn is are causing slower deposits and mistrust on the website.

Reducing strain on customer service!

Our number one complaint was, that our customers were not able to track their deposits and withdraws within our products. It had to be do through their bank provider which made it annoying and confusing. Our response was the creation of Payment History.

Payment History & Funds management 

In our new Payment History section, we incorporated, transaction, section to show active pending withdrawals, filters to help the user narrow down their search and well as export of all their transactions.